System integration
We empower process engineering.

Laservall is a leading worldwide industrial laser solution provide, specialized in designing and providing top value laser solutions catering to help customers solve issues, bottlenecks and improved production quality and efficiency. Closeness and timely response to every customer requirements, together with long term partnerships and continuous innovation, high quality offering, customized solutions satisfying specific customer needs are the distinctive elements at the base of Laservall success for over 20 years.

Our complete family of high-performance smart cameras and embedded machine vision systems utilize the same software across all products.

Our Machine Vision Products are specifically designed and developed by our engineers to meet all manufacturing inspection requirements and to get your application up and running faster than anyone else in the industry – Guaranteed! The unique ability to mix and match color, gray-scale, multi imager, select and deploy the perfect imaging solution for high-speed, accurate multi-camera machine vision inspections.Through continuous development and refinement, our machine vision product line is one of the most complete solution available on the market today.

This ensures accurate and repeatable measurement with fast cycle time, simple sampling and enhanced traceability for SLP, mSAP and advanced HDI AOI.