Laser Jet Soldering Solution in chip packaging application

We have become increasingly dependent on electronic products in our daily lives, whether it is clothing, food, housing or transportation. Whether it is intelligent wearable devices, electronic entertainment, video and audio, or even 5G communications and the Internet, electronic products have slowly become a part of our daily lives. Often used as the control centre of intelligent electronic products, the chip functions as a brain-like processor capable of processing electronic communication signals and big data analysis very quickly, as well as being able to formulate intelligent self-learning AI algorithms. In terms of science and technology development, chip technology represents a country's core competitiveness in science and technology. The chip has a wide range of applications, ranging from small medical endoscopes to high-altitude commercial aircraft.



What is chip packaging? Packaging was originally defined as the protection of a circuit chip from the surrounding environment (including physical and chemical effects). Electronic packaging engineering is to connect and assemble elements such as substrate, chip packaging body and discrete devices according to the requirements of electronic complete machine, to achieve certain electrical and physical properties, and to transform into a complete device or equipment in the form of a complete machine or system. Integrated circuit package can protect the chip from or less from the influence of the external environment, and provide a good working condition for it, so that the integrated circuit has a stable and normal function.

Electronic packaging is an indispensable process after the production of integrated circuit chip, which is the bridge from components to system. Chip packaging is a key production process from components to finished products, which has a great impact on the quality, stability and competitiveness of microelectronics products.

There are two main procedure of raw Chip packaging technology in chip electronic packaging application: one is COB technology, and the other is Flip Chip technology. COB is a simple bare-chip mount technology, However, the package density is not as high as that of TAB and reverse sheet welding technology. Flip Chip, also known as inverted crystal package or coated crystal package, is an advanced packaging technology, different from the traditional COB technology, Flip Chip technology is the chip connection point long bump (bump), and then the chip is turned over to make the bump directly connected with the substrate, and then the most accurate in the dedicated reverse welding equipment. Melting these bumps creates an interconnect between the chip and the substrate.

LASERVALL Micro Laser Jet Soldering System (MLS) has the ability of high precision and fast ball planting up to 5 continuous solder balls per second, which can be applied to the projection manufacturing process of some complex electric subbase plates in the chip packaging of modular electronic devices.